Paint to Pledge

The Paint to Pledge is a NGO and we are committed to make every dollar count. Our goal is to achieve The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), help thousands of individuals around the World and contribute to save the planet.

Ever Since the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic, we have come to realize that the world as we knew it is fragile and vulnerable. The economic downturn caused by the pandemic has destroyed millions of jobs, eroded hundreds of thousands of businesses and led to enormous social suffering around the world. This crisis is a lesson of humility. We can no longer behave like a predator to our planet!

We are now looking for a more conscious and thorough approach to our way of life and spending. We want to touch and be touched, to challenge and to be challenged and be the actors of our own decisions. We also want something authentic and unique to us, something that forces us to experience powerful emotional bonds with others and leave our mark on the world.

Together we can make a difference!